Saturday, December 11, 2010

2011 Workshops are Here!

All About Cob
Austin, TX area
March 17th-26th
Learn all the basic skills you’ll need to build a small cob cottage. This workshop will be a hands-on building experience taking place on a Texas ranch. You will learn all the basics of building with cob for anything from a shed to a small cob cottage. In this workshop we will construct the walls of a cob cottage from the ground up! You will have the chance to get hands on experience with foundations, windows, doors, plumbing, electricity, plasters and decorative details. You will also learn how to select materials, mix cob by foot and with heavy equipment, use passive solar design, plan a realistic budget and schedule for your project, and approach the building department. This is an excellent workshop to take if you are considering building your own cob home or any fully enclosed building.Workshop fee includes all meals and camping near the building site. Indoor showers are available and there is room for you to park your RV if you want to bring one. We offer some discounts for couples, families and groups. Please contact us if you would like to work out a special group rate.

Plaster Master
Woodbury, TN
April 9th and 10th
Learn to make and apply beautiful earthen and lime plasters, paints, and washes on finished cob walls.
This workshop is followed immediately by the earthen floor workshop and you get a $100 discount when you take both workshops together

Beautiful Earth Floors
Woodbury, TN
April 11th and 12th
Learn to make a beautiful clay floor. Earthen floors are incredibly beautiful and durable, but you’ll need to pick up some skills if you want to include one in your natural home. In this workshop we will install a multi layered and multi colored earthen floor. We will have a second floor already dry and ready for the natural linseed oil and beeswax sealer, so you’ll get to learn all the steps of a two week process in only two days!

Building With Cob Off-Grid
Daffodil Meadow, Woodbury, TN
June 24- July 2nd
Build a small cob building from the foundation up. This workshop will be a small, off the grid cob building and will offer the chance to learn all the basic skills for building a cob house, especially on a remote off-grid building site. We will start with the building of a stone foundation and then learn to mix cob both by foot and with machinery. We will also frame a simple round pole roof and apply lime and clay plasters. This is an excellent comprehensive introduction to building with cob and is perfect if you are planning to build off the grid.

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  1. I am hoping to attend your August workshop! I have been wanting to build a cob home for many years. Maybe if I learn more, the dream will manifest into form! Blessings! Jessi